Terms and Conditions

1. Terms of Agreement

These terms and conditions apply to all contracts entered into by consumers for products and services offered by Anchored GmbH through the website www.anchored.world.

Agreements between us and the customer are solely based on these terms and conditions and the order confirmation. Any deviating or supplementary general terms and conditions of the customer are not applicable, even if we do not expressly object to their inclusion.

2. Object of Agreement

The contract involves the rental of new and used equipment, hereinafter referred to as "equipment" or "rental items," for the purpose of temporary use upon payment of the agreed-upon rental fees, hereinafter referred to as the "Rental Agreement". 

Presentation of the equipment on the platform is non-binding, meaning it does not constitute a binding offer to conclude a contract. Depending on availability, various brands and models of the presented equipment that correspond (or are superior) to the parameters in the equipment description can be offered for rent.

3. Rental Start, Duration, and Termination

The rental period begins upon delivery of the rental item to the customer. The duration depends on the customer's selection at the time of ordering. 

Customer confirms that all information provided at the time of ordering (e.g., name, address, email address, phone number) is accurate. Customer is obliged to promptly inform Anchored about any changes in this information.

Rental of the equipment is offered in the form of “Bookings” - short-term rentals (less than 3 months) with an upfront payment of the total rental fee, and “Subscriptions” - long-term rentals (3 to 12 months) with a monthly subscription payment.

The customer can cancel the order at any time for free before the rental item has been delivered. After delivery, the customer generally commits to the agreed rental duration and the related payments. 

Anchored may terminate the agreement for reasons such as missed payment, unauthorized transfer of the rental item to a third party, misuse, or other reasons.

4. Delivery and Return

The rental items will be delivered to the provided delivery address at the agreed date. If, during order processing, Anchored finds that the ordered equipment is unavailable for reasons beyond its control, the customer will be notified by email, and a change to the Rental Agreement will be suggested or the contract will be terminated with a full reimbursement of the rental fee to the customer. 

Delivery of the equipment is offered for free for a minimum total order amount. In case this minimum order amount is not reached, Anchored has the right to offer the customer to pay an additional delivery fee, or to terminate the Rental Agreement.

Anchored employees or agents might request the customer’s governmental ID at the time of delivery of the equipment, for the sake of identity check and to verify that the equipment is handed over to the person who ordered it.

Customer’s failure to notify Anchored of any defects or problems with equipment within 24 hours after the delivery shall be conclusively deemed as an acknowledgment that all equipment has passed customer approval and is in good working order.

The rental items must be returned by the customer to the Anchored employees or agents at the last day of the agreed rental duration. Failure to return within 1 week may result in a charge based on the item's acquisition costs. The equipment must be returned in the condition in which you received it, with an exception of regular wear and tear.

Accepting the return of equipment by Anchored does not relinquish any claims the company may have against the customer for evident, concealed, or latent damage to the equipment. Anchored is entitled to a reasonable timeframe after the return of the equipment to identify such damages.

5. Maintenance of Equipment and Liability

5. Maintenance of Equipment
and Liability

The customer is not allowed to sublease, loan, or assign this Rental Agreement or the equipment to any other individuals, entities, or corporations. The equipment must always remain under the immediate and exclusive control of the customer.

The customer agrees to maintain the equipment in good condition and assumes full responsibility for the rental items until they are returned. In the case of any damage to the rental item during the rental period, the customer must promptly provide written details to Anchored about the incident. The customer is generally liable, according to legal regulations, for damages or losses of the rental item and other breaches of the rental agreement between the customer and Anchored.

If the equipment is lost or damaged, the customer commits to paying the rental fee for the duration that Anchored remains without the equipment, until it is repaired or replaced. The customer acknowledges that, in case of damage or loss necessitating replacement rather than repair, the value of the rented equipment is determined by the manufacturer's list price at the time of the loss.

Anchored does not assume liability for any damage due to the misuse of the equipment by the customer.

In case of defects in the rental item not caused by intentional misuse or neglect, Anchored either repairs the item or provides the customer with an equivalent replacement.

6. Conclusion

If any parts of this Agreement are deemed void, the remaining provisions will remain binding with the same effect as if the void parts were excluded.

@ 2023 Anchored GmbH. All rights reserved.

@ 2023 Anchored GmbH. All rights reserved.

@ 2023 Anchored GmbH. All rights reserved.